Why hire me as your health coach?

Because simply put, living a healthy lifestyle these days can be really difficult. It is not a one size fits all plan. I am here to support individuals who are looking for a true lifestyle change. If you don’t know where to start, have failed in the past, or just are tired of feeling tired all of the time, im your girl.


What is virtual coaching?

Virtual coaching is a way of meeting with clients throughout the month thru check ins, accountability, goal review, and ongoing support to help clients manage the ebbs and flows of their week and month.

You can have the perfect plan for your meals or workouts, but when “life” happens, that’s when things can fall apart. As your coach I will help you scale your goals back if you’ve got a busy week ahead, or scale them up if you’re ready to take on more.

What comes with coaching?

Included in our coaching is:

– One 60-minute Discovery Session: During your Discovery Session, we will review your completed Health Assessment and Symptoms Questionnaire, discuss your health history, current habits, and future goals. You will walk away with a better understanding of the root cause of any symptoms you’re experiencing, what a plan to reach your goals would look like, and where we will start. You’re going to love it!

– 30-minute coaching sessions: During this time we will review your personalized plan, AKA your customized roadmap. This will be the “big picture” of all the things we will accomplish in our time together! We will continuously reference and use this plan through our coaching time to measure progress to your goal!

– Customized roadmap that will outline the specific areas of your lifestyle that we will focus on during the coaching process. Including guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, and work out planning.

– Monthly ongoing coaching: A proactive approach towards your goal. I will consistently check in through the week for accountability, goal check in, and offer support, motivation, and guidance where needed! Also included is unlimited access to our virtual coaching platform to track your habits, goals, progress, and message me!

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, learn healthier habits, or just don’t know where to start – contact me here. I would love to help!