Nourishing Spring Chili

Coming from a southern family, chili and cornbread while watching football (Alabama…Roll tide!) in the fall is almost a must. But with these up and down cool days as we (slowly) enter Spring, I am so tired of being cold!

This chili is a healthy twist and loaded with nourishing nutrients to support your immune system as we also part with “flu season”.

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Gluten Free Corned Beef and Cabbage

I look forward to St. Patricks day every year, not because I am Irish (i’m not) but because the foodie in me loves Corned beef and Cabbage!

This is one recipe I have tried to make healthier for the last few years and I think I might have nailed it 😉 The flavor is on point and using the slow cooker makes this an easy recipe to make when you are limited on time!

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Overcoming Social Influences

Remember when you were a kid and you had a friend your parents weren’t so fond of? I remember getting frustrated when my parents would share the advice of “you become who you surround yourself with” because I wasn’t able to fully understand the influence. As an adult though, I completely understand. It is very common to read articles or quotes from others who have been successful in careers or with certain periods of life who have shared advice to “surround yourself with those who lift you up”, There is no secret to why. We are social beings, at the end of the day we all just want to be accepted and liked.

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Why you’re not getting results: Nutrition.

I debated how I was going to write this one all week because nutrition is one of the most complex topics. It is also one of the topics that has the most emotional attachment and is heavily influenced socially. The root of majority of our results are not willpower or motivation, rather the habits of our daily life. Consciously changing those habitual decisions are what causes our lifestyle changes to move in a positive direction.

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Why you’re not getting results: Movement.

I should start by introducing myself to all of you, as a guest blogger for Brooke and new to many of you here, I’m Adam. Blessed husband to Brooke and father to our daughter Luci. I come from a background of 15+ years in the fitness industry that includes certifications, a degree, and vast amounts of hands on experience. I have been a head strength coach, helped create and develop a national fitness brand, led dozens of live certifications, and educated hundreds of trainers. With that said, Brooke asked me to help contribute to the community on the topic of movement and why you may not be achieving the results you had hoped for. 

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Why you’re not getting results.

When January roles around this year, there is going to be a rush of people going to the gym and people who are eating a salad with low fat dressing and chicken breast for lunch and dinner. After a few weeks when the results don’t happen as fast or as easily as they thought they would, majority of them will fall out of the habit and go back to what they did in the past. This is one of the toughest things to see as a coach. Why? Because majority of these people won’t address some of the biggest factors affecting their goal. Think about it, if you go to the gym 6-7 days a week for an hour workout, you are making a habit change that affects 6-7 hours out of your week. What are you doing with the other time you are not in the gym?

If you have “done it all” or are cutting calories and crushing yourself in the gym to not get results, then listen up! There is a chance there is another issue at play and as boring as it may be, or hard to change, lifestyle factors are playing a role in your progress.

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